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Kerri is a home-taught cook whose love for quality ingredients and bold flavors shines through in her dishes. Her father, Barry Lee, owned and operated the well-known Vielee’s Deli of Plymouth, MA for eight successful years. In those eight years, Kerri learned the ropes of running a business and also started her own food journey alongside her father. When Barry unexpectedly passed away in 2002, the family lost not only an important man, but also their business; Vielee’s Deli was sold. After graduating college in 2006 and earning a degree in psychology, Kerri really began to focus on her passion for connecting with others through her cooking and expanding her knowledge of food. Kerri’s dream is to bring the “Lee” family-cooking legacy back to Plymouth, showcasing her homemade creations.

Kerri & Eddie

In Kerri’s spare time, you can almost always find her in the kitchen. She loves hosting dinner parties (surprise surprise!) and entertaining friends and family at her home, showing her love and appreciation through food. Not only her soul mate in cooking, Kerri’s partner of 9+ years, Eddie Jackson, is always willing to be her official taste tester and offer a hand in the kitchen; he is truly her heart and soul. Eddie has worked in the restaurant industry for 20+ years and is able to impart a wealth of knowledge in the food world. Together, Kerri and Eddie hope to show the world that food is the best way to share in life’s truest joys.

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